Let's Show You How To Get Strategic With Your Business Marketing

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Is The Thought Of Marketing Your Business Overwhelming?

You've gone into business because you have a passion to help your clients ... not because you want to be a Marketer. In your 2 hour strategy session we identify the areas of your marketing that need the most focus. You know your Why, let me show you the What - How & When!

Some of the Areas We Can Cover are:

  • Your Avatar - Who is your ideal customer? Where do they hangout online? What are their pain points? How can you market to your ideal customer if you don't know who they are? Know Your Target Market! Give your customer Avatar a name & get to know them intimately.
  • Get a Clear Message - Your Message is the core of your branding, from your Vision Statement to your mission statement which is finally clarified in your Business Tag Line.
  • Vision – We get you ultra clear on who you are and what you do for your ideal client to ensure you get the best value for your marketing dollar and grow your client base and business.
  • Mission – Communicates to your team the driving force behind your business which inspires and motivates them to get behind your decision to move your company to the next level.
  • Your Tagline – What are you currently telling the market place? Are you 100% sure it’s the right message to attract your ideal client? Define your concise message versus an unclear or overly complicated message.
  • Establish your Branding and set your Goals.
  • SWOT Analysis – Discover where you should be focusing your time. Become strategic with your marketing and stop spending marketing dollars in areas that will never show any return.
  • Develop an Action Plan – Create a strategic action plan across each of the 7 Pillars of Integrated Marketing that is easy to follow and complete. Avoid wasting time and letting your marketing fall through the cracks because you get busy with your business.
  • Understand What you are doing and Why, while establishing a clear ROI for each of your marketing efforts.

Lose the Overwhelm - Get Strategic with Your Marketing!

Help Me Get Strategic With My Business Marketing

Book Me In Now For An Action Plan To Market My Business

Develop your marketing and social media strategy to achieve your business goals. Leverage your unique expertise with guided business strategies and online social experience to grow your business. Forget the mavericks and guru's, grow your business on a solid basis of traditional and social media principles until your online presence is everything you need it to be ... and more.