Why Do You Need This Workshop?

You know you need marketing for your business - but where do you start - what should you do? Are you OVERWHELMED with what you need to do and learn to increase sales & clients?

It all starts with a plan - a STRATEGY to help you lose the marketing overwhelm and focus on the best marketing activities for YOUR business & YOUR Clients.

In this 4-Hour Intensive Masterclass you will learn:

  • What is Marketing specifically for your business
  • How to target your ideal client
  • How to create clear specific goals
  • What your core message (USP) is for your clients
  • How to PLAN & Structure your weekly marketing efforts
  • What you NEED on your website
  • The Tools that are ESSENTIAL to your marketing
  • How to plan your marketing efforts
  • What you NEED to focus on for your business

What To Bring:

  • Your Laptop
  • Your Initial Homework (sent out before the day)
  • A clear head
  • Your Ideas
  • Enthusiasm & Willingness To Learn
  • A Notepad & Pen will be supplied


All This For ONLY $127

At the end of this 4 hour session you will walk away with a CLEAR marketing strategy & plans to implement each week to GROW your business, INCREASE your sales & get your LIFE back!

Don't waste another day getting frustrated - BOOK NOW & get Your Marketing Strategy in place!