Marketing Leap Projects

At Marketing Leap, we have a singular goal: to generate business for YOUR company. Launch your company and your brand ahead of your competitors with a custom tailored marketing package designed for YOU. With our wide experience in a number of industries, we work with you to create a campaign that integrates your brand and marketing strategy. Our goal is to help you build a relationship with your customers, one that creates evangelists for your brand and product. Integration and consistency is key, so let us show you how we can develop your company’s brand.

We understand that your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name. It’s what your customers perceive about you, and how you make them feel. We guide you to figure out what your company does best beyond what you sell and make it a part of your brand strategy.



Web Design

Your web design and online marketing efforts need to tell a story, one that compliments, is consistent and cohesive with your offline strategies. Your website needs to be more than an online brochure, it must tell a story or your Company and Brand. As always Integration is the KEY in a seemingly online world. Integration with Social Media and the ability to converse with your clients and give them the information they are looking for is essential.




Social Media Marketing

Let Marketing Leap help you discover which social media platforms will best meet your company objectives and business needs. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest – Social Media is word of mouth amplified that drives customer perceptions and purchasing decisions.





Email Marketing

Email marketing is at the core of repeat business. The key is building a relationship with your customer, which is based on trust, mutual respect, and constant communication. The right email marketing campaign can do this and more.



Marketing Collateral Projects

For consistent branding your copywriting and brand voice must compliment your graphic design and marketing needs through naming and taglines; position statements; brochures; direct mail and advertising. Let us show you how.



Event Marketing & Management

With years of experience in coordinating lifestyle, consumer and trade events and exhibitions, let Marketing Leap project manage your next big event. Ensure your brand meets your target audience with a seamless company presentation, while all the logistics and coordination go off without a hitch.