Facebook, snap-chat, Instagram, blogging, email … marketing your business is much more involved and time consuming in today’s market. Add to all that, the fact that your customers need to see or hear about you 22 TIMES before they start to know, like, trust and ultimately buy from you online these days. So how do you stand out from the noise online these days?

Clients are getting better at shopping around and thanks to Google you can find information on just about any topic. In fact, the digital marketing landscape means we are bombarded with messages for products and services that we want but can’t choose between, so we take no action.

Your customers need to see or hear you 22 TIMES before they know, like, trust and ultimately buy from you! Click To Tweet

If you take a look around, the more successful brands and businesses, are the ones who take an indirect approach to start with… they build a relationship, then they explain the benefits, and then they close they sale.

So while the platforms we use may have changed, the basic tenet of marketing stay the same. People / Your clients, want a relationship of some sort before they fork over their hard earned money. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to review your current marketing approach to see if it stacks up against the following 4 criteria.

  1. social media marketingSpeak to a specific audience.
    Know your target market and tailor your message to speak TO them. People need to feel as if you understand what they want and with the attention span of 8 seconds, you need to be concise on how you tailor your message so they “Get it” … straight away.
    Know your audience, and tailor your approach accordingly.
  2. Create a response.
    If you said your message or headline, in person, to someone in your target audience, how would they respond? Would they be surprised, amused, impressed, or moved to take action in any way?
    If not, then it’s falling short. If you don’t stand out to your audience… if you can’t break out from the online noise, they won’t engage with you. If your clients don’t engage with you, you don’t have a relationship to build on.
  3. Be Consistent.
    As mentioned at the beginning of this post, your customers need to see or hear you 22 TIMES before they start to know, like, trust and ultimately buy from you. The ONLY way to do this online is to be consistent, with your posts, your branding, your message.
    Consistent messages, posts and tone of voice give a sense of certainty that the service you deliver will match the messaging should they become your customer.
  4. Follow through with great service.
    Keep the consistent message happening with great service. Great service is what turns a client into a advocate or to use another term a ‘Brand Evangelist’.
    It is these brand evangelists that keeps these clients returning on a regular basis, and referring you to their friends.

Getting your marketing RIGHT makes marketing so cost effective, as it simply determines the marketing tactics and activities you invest your time or money in.  … build a relationship, explain the benefits, and close the sale.

Marketing Simplified - build a relationship, explain the benefits, and close the sale! Click To Tweet

So, how do you start to stand out from the noise?

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