Your Marketing Brand is so much more than a logo!

Business Marketing Brand is more than just a logoBranding is more than a logo. It incorporates your business values, your tone of voice used plus your font and colour design choices that run like a continuous theme through every touch point of your business and online presence. My Favourite quote is that “your BRAND is your CLIENT’s sum total of THEIR emotional attachment and experience with YOU and your business”.

Your message, your core colours and even the fonts you use will create an emotional feeling with your clients. Effectively great branding is good storytelling – a consistent and continuous message, weaving meaning into every element that your client experiences with you.

What if I asked you to describe your brand in a few words. No one seems to really be able to do this these days. You need to know how your brand makes your customers feel. Your Marketing Brand needs to be about the emotional experience for your target audience. Exceptional branding provides a sense of comfort, acceptance, yet inspiration to keep your clients coming back for more.

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Getting your marketing brand RIGHT makes marketing so cost effective, because it simply determines the marketing tactics and activities you invest your time or money in. So if you’re still not sure on your brand, here are some questions you will need to answer:

  • WHAT -What is the problem you solve? What service do you provide?
  • HOW – How do you serve others? How clear is your process?
  • WHERE – Where is Your value? Where does the transformation that takes place for your clients
  • WHY – Your Why, passion and purpose, what makes you feel passionate about what you do

Once you can answer these questions you can combine all the points to create your Brand Strategy and your message – the one thing you want to be well known, well paid & wanted for. Then we look at who is your target market? Here’s a hint – it’s not everybody!

So many times I sit with new clients and when it comes to who their Target Market – Niche Market – Ideal Client – Avatar is, their first response is “well anybody who … (insert service here)”. You can be the best at what you do but if you are talking to the wrong target market, you are throwing away money and your marketing will not take you anywhere.

Marketing is about building relationships. You hear it time and again, your customers need to know – like – trust before they will ever consider giving you their hard earned dollars. It’s really not that different to dating, do you want to be Tinder or would you prefer to get to know somebody first, check out the rapport, similarities and differences before taking the plunge into doing business with them?

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What is the problem you solve?

This is your clients pain point. Do you know what keeps your client up at night? What is the REAL reason your clients need you? For me my clients are OVERWHELMED when it comes to marketing their business. I offer and provide tools to help the understand WHAT they need to do and WHEN. This then frees the up to concentrate on their business.

If you need help in defining the answers to these questions download my Messaging Cheat Sheet as the first step in getting your marketing brand right. If you would like to chat let’s talk. I have limited Strategy Sessions available via Zoom, Skype or Face To Face, to help you get clear on your Branding.


Let’s Talk BRANDING!


In my next blog, I’ll discuss how you discover your ideal client, how you fix their pain, meet their desires and how your services can help them.  It is only then you look at developing your Marketing Action Plan and use it to focus your brand strategy on a particular market niche.


Let’s Talk BRANDING!